Wheel type


Flat-Blade Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fan, SWSI


The BC-SW Centrifugal Fan is designed to handle large volumes of relatively clean air at low to moderate pressures in applications such as HVAC, combustion air supply, filtration and drying systems, fume hood and spray booth and other exhaust systems, air pollution control (clean side of dust collectors), industrial processes.

Wheels are constructed of steel using flat single thickness blades, solid welded to the rim and backplate. The inlet-side rim is designed as a proper companion for the inlet cone. All wheels are statically and dynamically balanced to grade BV3 per AMCA 204 for smooth operation prior to being assembled in the fan, followed by final balance of the entire rotating assembly.

All BC-SW fan housings are continuously welded and reinforced with rigid bracing to increase structural integrity. The support angles are intermittently welded and caulked between welds to prevent bleed-through corrosion.

Sizes (wheel diameters)

  • 315 mm to 2,500 mm


  • Airflow to 471,500 m3/hour
  • Static pressure to 4,970 Pa